Where To Watch Women’s Hockey

By far the biggest challenge of being a women’s hockey fan in a place without a lot of women’s hockey is figuring out where the heck to watch it. Luckily, as the tech for streaming live sports gets cheaper, there are more and more options. Some of the events available online for women’s hockey are: Frozen Four, Women’s World Championships, Women’s Beanpot, Women’s World’s U-18, weekly CWHL games, and Clarkson Cup archives.

FastHockey is a goldmine if you’re willing to shell out a couple bucks for past games, and they often stream new games free. Among other things, they have Women’s U-18 competitions and Women’s World Championship games archived. Subscribe to their mailing list to get updates for relevant games! Normally I don’t recommend subscribing to mailing lists, but seriously, a lot of their live stuff is free.

The Women’s Beanpot tournament (a Boston-based college hockey tournament) streamed live on NESN last year, and it looks like it’ll be streaming this year, too. Check out their site for more details.

Weekly CWHL games are streamed on their website via SSN Canada, and are archived as well! You can access that here. They stream one game a week, on the weekend. Games may not get archived IMMEDIATELY, but if you want to watch a game you missed, it’s pretty easy.

Clarkson Cup archives are also on SSN Canada. You can’t get the 2013 final, as it aired on TSN and TSN hasn’t seen it fit to put it online, but you can get the others here.

And finally, the Frozen Four. The NCAA actually streams games with commentary, and has them archived on their website here. The Gophers winning it all last year is a site to behold and I highly recommend it.

Oh, an addendum: there’s always Old Faithful, Youtube itself. Check out the Boston Blades’ channel here.  Search around, you might find something fun.

So, basically, finding women’s hockey to watch can be akin to panning for gold in 2014, long after most hopefuls have given up and gone on to greener pastures (or golder pastures). But it IS possible, and if you google long enough, finally settling in to a live game can feel pretty dang satisfying.