How and When to Watch Women’s Hockey in Sochi

How and When to Watch Women’s Hockey in Sochi:

It’s a week out from the start of the Olympics, and ten days out from the start of the women’s hockey, so now is the time to figure out how you’re going to watch the games!

We’re mostly focused on the coverage in the US, mainly because we are in the US, as you do. Cable coverage rights in the US are owned by NBC, and they’re apparently planning on making a big fucking deal out of it, if the regularity of the Olympics-related surveys they have been sending me and their ad coverage is any judge. In Canada, it’s CBC.

Times and Schedules:

The Olympics are, as you know, in Sochi, Russia. Sochi is in Moscow Standard Time (MSK), or UTC/GMT +4 hours. For reference:


Most of NBC’s broadcast times are in Eastern, so be ready to translate them. Having a time conversion website on hand may be useful to you.

You can find the schedule for when the men’s and women’s hockey games are being played on the NBC website HERE.  There’s another great schedule put out by that does time conversions for your local or any other timezone too.

If you’re in the US (sorry, pretty sure it’s geo-locked) you can find when NBC is showing what on which channel by going here, and selecting hockey under the sport, and putting in your zip and cable provider information. NBC has apparently committed to showing all the events live, but is also doing replays of most of the games later in the day.

NBC has also committed to showing live feeds on their website of all the Olympic events– but it’s only if you have a cable provider who is showing NBC. 🙁 But to access that, go HERE. It’s also on their Live Extra app for mobile devices (I believe only Android and iOS, haven’t been able to check Windows phone yet). I’ve used the Live Extra app to watch some other games before, and aside from having to authenticate with your cable provider, the app is pretty solid. Their website likes to make my computer freak out due to HEAVY scripting, but you might not have an ancient laptop like me.

Apps and other useful things:

Like I said, my computer, ancient and venerable, struggles a bit with the NBC website, so I like to be able to check things on my phone and tablet. The NBC website is fairly mobile friendly, but still a bit clunky. The most useful apps that I use are the Team USA: Road to Sochi app (albeit mainly useful for a Team USA supporter), the NBC Extra Live app, and a schedule app called 2014 Sochi Winter Games created by Dmitry Nilsen.

Team USA: Road to Sochi:

This app is pretty much a nice wrapper on the Team USA website without any special extra content. That said, it’s fairly nice to have an app version, and it has an easy to get to schedule which links to the NBC Live Streams of the events as applicable.

I used the Android version of this app, but it has a well-rated iOS version as well.

NBC Live Extra:

This is the aforementioned official NBC streaming app; it does require you to authenticate with your cable provider, so if you don’t have cable, you get less content. It’s a decent app; you can favourite preferred sports and events. There isn’t a women’s hockey sport to favourite per say, instead you have to favourite the events.

I’ve used both the Android and the iOS version; both were pretty stable and responsive.

2014 Sochi Winter Games:

This is a pretty basic, easy to use schedule app. You can set the times to be either in your local timezone or the time in Sochi. You can pick the sports you want to see the times/results for, and it’s all very clear and light weight. If you use this app, note that the Ice Hockey events are distinguished by what arena they’re played in– men in Bolshoy, women in Shayba.

This is an Android app, but there appear to be several similar iOS apps around.


I’ve been looking for the Reuters Olympic app, which I used extensively for the London Olympics, but I haven’t found it yet. Maybe it’ll be out soon, or maybe they aren’t doing one for this Olympics. 🙁