Sochi Opening Ceremony is TODAY!

The Olympic Games are here!

So, some of the competitions have already started, but the Opening Ceremony is happening today, at 10 am CST.  However, Americans won’t be able to watch things live; NBC will be airing their pre-taped (so they can massively edit it) version at 6:30 pm CST. If you’re interested in watching it live, Deadspin did a quick overview of how to get around geo-locked content to watch a live stream.

Notably, the American and Finnish women’s teams won’t be in the Opening Ceremony  because of their early game tomorrow. The Ceremony itself is expected to go for four hours, and who knows how long before the athletes would be able to get back to their hotels to rest up. 🙂

Look for Hayley Wickenheiser carrying the flag for Canada!