Noora Räty May Be Retiring After This Olympics

Noora Räty may be retiring after this Olympics

So, earlier today, after Finland’s 2-4 loss to Sweden, Noora Räty let slip in an interview with Finnish media that she’d be retiring from the Finnish team after this tournament, and possibly from hockey unless she could find a paying job playing hockey. In the article we initially read on this from the IIHF, it was stated that she would be trying out next season with Kiekko-Vantaa, a team in Finland’s second-tier men’s league, Mestis.

In a later statement from Räty on her twitter account, she expanded on this a little further. She cited financial concerns, also saying that, while she’d considered playing in Russia’s women’s pro-league, currently the only women’s league that pays its players, she felt the level of competition wasn’t high enough to challenge her. (I’d also note, the salary figures we’ve seen for the better paid non-Russian players in the league work out to under minimum wage in the US.) She didn’t mention any possible tryout with Kiekko-Vantaa, or any other team, in this statement.

Noora Räty's statement on her possible retirement from her Twitter account.
Noora Räty’s statement on her possible retirement from her Twitter account.

Personally, I’m heartbroken at the idea that Räty may not be playing somewhere in the world this time next year. I’ve followed her with a huge amount of interest starting from her time on the Gophers, and she’s one of my favourite players. That said, I’m pretty recently out of college myself, and I really understand the desire to not live hand-to-mouth anymore.

I really hope she gets a contract somewhere. I think hockey will be the poorer to lose her.

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