CWHL Schedule for Online Calendars!

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So, one of the things that has always annoyed me is that the CWHL doesn’t have a way to download or subscribe to their schedule. (At least, not that I’ve found.) Also, all the times they list are the local times — and while most CWHL teams are in Eastern time, Calgary is not. Also sometimes I forget to convert the times, and then I miss games and I’m sad. With all the new online streaming this year, that would be terrible.

So! If you are an online calender/gcal addict like myself, I present the following .ics file to use! It should provide the time zones correctly so your calendar can convert them to your local, and I approximated game lengths as two hours.

CWHL 2014/2015 Schedule as a .ics file

I’d recommend subscribing to the file over downloading, because I’ll be updating it with bug fixes or schedule changes. (How to subscribe to an .ics calendar in Google Calender)

Please let me know if you encounter problems or find events have the wrong times! I’ll try and keep it updated. 🙂

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