Update on Watching CWHL Games with Chromecast

Update on watching CWHL games with Chromecast:

You may remember my post last year about watching streaming hockey via the Chromecast. I wanted to provide a quick update on this, as I’ve recently been using my Chromecast a lot to watch various things.

At the time of the original post, using the Chromecast to stream CWHL games or other streaming video to the television was lagging to the point of being unwatchable, or required either a third-party app. Since then, Google appears to have improved things quite a bit! You can now cast your screen in both the official iOS and Android apps, rather than relying on third party apps, and more importantly: streaming a livestream isn’t stuttery anymore! At least in my testing, I was able to cast the screen of my laptop, Android tablet, and iPhone while playing a streaming CWHL game or other streaming video (fasthockey, youtube, etc) and the video on the tv was GREAT. Not lagging, and very nice quality.

I’m very excited about the prospect of watching the expanded CWHL streaming on my TV, and looking forward to October, here’s a HD highlight video from the Calgary Inferno!

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