Weekend Recap: Boston Blades upset, US Winter Camp

Toronto Furies Upset the Boston Blades, Blades lose both games.

Okay, I was cocky about the Blades’ chances when I previewed this past weekend, and apparently it came back to bite me in the ass. The Blades lost both games to the Furies, both 3-2 in the Furies favor. It took Boston until the third period of the second game to get their big name players on the board– depth scoring is all well and good, but as a Minnesota Wild fan, I’m intimately familiar with how much not having those big names score can hurt a team. I’ve got to watch this weekend’s streaming game a couple more times, I think, before I’ve settled on what exactly Toronto has figured out to solve Boston, so I’m going to refrain from more off the cuff analysis right now.

In lieu of that, check out the highlights from Saturday’s game!

Team USA Winter Camp

As you may have seen (I think we retweeted the roster when it first came out), Team USA is meeting for winter training right after Christmas this week in Blaine, MN. I’m currently working on convincing Elena that we need to drive there FOR THE BLOG and not just so I can fangirl from the stands. ๏„˜ The roster is a bit interesting– for example, both the Lameroux sisters are going, but for one of the first times that I recall, Monique is listed as a D for Team USA, and not a forward with her sister Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson. Monique Lameroux plays defense for the Blades, and did so as well at North Dakota, but has mostly played forward with her sister for the national team. 8 of the 38 players on the roster are from the CWHL, and almost all of those are from the Blades.


  • Remember, there’s a bit of a winter break for the CWHL coming up! The next CWHL game won’t be until Saturday, January 3rd, when the Brampton Thunder will go take on the Montreal Stars!
  • Also remember to tune in to the WHRB broadcast of the December 28th, 2014 Harvard University menโ€™s game versus the Russian Red Stars during the first intermission! Savanna Arral will be interviewing Ann-Sophie Bettez– tune in either by listening on 95.3FM in the Greater Boston area, or whrb.org everywhere else.
  • We’re going to be slowing down for the holidays, so we’ll see you in the new year!

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  1. You forgot to mention the Blades exhibition game against Providence College on January 3rd. Providence College has an awesome arena and a great coach and team. Five of the Boston Blades are former Providence Friars. There is no place like Schneider Arena for this exhibition game. Please post and encourage all fans of the game to come watch. Thanks, Happy Holidays!

    1. Damn, thanks for reminding me! I had a whole bunch of Boston stuff (mostly their TV spot and exhibition games) I meant to include– I’ll probably put another post up with those after Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

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