Hi guys! We’ve got a preview of our own coming soon, but due to some things (cough starting a new job cough cough) it’s going to be a little delayed. So, while you’re waiting for the games to start and trying desperately to find a hook up to somehow watch the games (HELLO FELLOW AMERICANS AND OTHER NON-CANADIANS), or settling in to watch them with some friends (SSSSS CANADIANS), here’s some articles to take a gander at!

“The “four-men system” with games officiated with two referees and two linesmen has been extended to the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship in Malmo, Sweden, which will be the first IIHF women’s tournament with four officials calling each game following successful tests in July at the 2014 IIHF Women’s High Performance Camp.”

IIHF Press Release

  • GUYS THIS REFEREE THING IS SUPER EXCITING! One of the issues that’s always been present in international tournaments but is especially important for the women is that different leagues and levels have different “standards” (even if the standard is implicit and not explicit) for what is acceptable body contact, etc. The sheer speed of the women’s game, too, has provided some issues with getting games called correctly. Hopefully going to a two referee system will provide some more standardization for the Worlds this year, and hopefuly going forward to the Olympics.
  • Zoe has a post up over at NHL Numbers previewing Women’s Worlds with an emphasis on players to watch.
  • Angelica has a post up at Hockey Wilderness that looks at Team USA a bit more closely.
  • There’s an article up by Donna Spencer over at the Globe and Mail about Iya Gavrilov, the first non-Canadian to earn the Brodrick Trophy as the top female hockey player in the CIS, who hopes to help lead the Russian team to more prominence post-Sochi.
  • There’s a quick piece from Boston University about Marie-Philip Poulin being named as Canada’s captain at Women’s Worlds.
  • Notably for Calgary Inferno fans, it looks like Aina Takeuchi is not on the Team Japan roster. The defense, who played this last season as a fourth liner for the Calgary Inferno, was on the 2014 Sochi Olympics roster for Japan. She had 4 points in 8 games with Calgary, and had one assist for Team Japan in 5 games at Sochi. This is the first time since 2009 that Team Japan will be at Worlds in the top division for Worlds.