International Team Camp and Beantown Classic: NWHL in Boston this week

This weekend, the NWHL’s International Team Camp will run from July 23-26, commencing with a skills session on July 23 and continuing with three teams of NWHL prospects competing at the Beantown Classic. Here’s where to catch the action in person; we recommend following the NWHL on Periscope and Twitter if you’re watching from afar.

International Team Camp
Thursday afternoon, the NWHL’s International Team Camp will host a skills session open to the public. According to the camp roster, we’ll see a few US faces alongside Canadian players and a handful of women from outside North America – Lyudmila Belyakova from Russia as well as Hanuka Toko and Nana Fujimoto from Japan.

Thursday, July 23rd:
2:30-4:00pm, Ristuccia Memorial Arena (190 Main St, Wilmington, MA)

Beantown Classic
Starting Friday afternoon, three teams representing the NWHL will be playing in the College Division of the Beantown Classic, a series of hockey showcase tournaments that takes place in eight locations across the Boston metro area and in surrounding communities. The NWHL’s teams are scheduled to play at two locations: New England Sport Center (NESC) at 121 Donald Lynch Boulevard, Marlborough, MA, and Lake (Charles J Buffone Arena) at 284 Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA.

Friday, July 24th:
at NESC Rink 3
12:00PM NWHL 1 vs. No Regretzkies
01:20PM NWHL 3 vs. GEK
02:40PM NWHL 2 vs. Bud Heavy
06:40PM NWHL 1 vs. Seahawks
08:00PM NWHL 3 vs. Eagles (Layo)
09:20PM NWHL 2 vs. PURP

Saturday, July 25th:
at Lake
11:10AM NWHL 1 vs. Goal Diggers
12:30PM NWHL 2 vs. NAHA
01:50PM NWHL 3 vs. Healthy Scratches
08:00 Playoffs commence at multiple venues, schedule TBA.

Sunday, July 26th:
Playoffs continue and conclude, schedule TBA, but looks like these will all be at NESC.


The rosters for the three teams representing the NWHL in the Beantown Classic are also available on the Beantown Classic website. Below the cut, some familiar names and some fresh ones…

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