A Few Non-Predictions For The CWHL’s 2015-2016 Season

We here at Watch This will not be posting a draft recap/season preview of the CWHL this year, because season/team previews suck to write and we don’t want to do them†. Personally, I am perennially in awe of people who manage to write well-researched posts about moves, prospects, etc etc., or even really any post at all, because I hate predicting the future and generally refuse to learn rosters until the players are actually playing. Having a work ethic is for suckers.

Anyway, here are some thoughts:

  • Historically the Blades have been really good, but their team has been gutted and now consists of like, 2 Team Canada players and some dryer lint, and possibly a curse-controlled Hilary Knight, so maybe they’ll be bad? Maybe not though. Who knows.
  • Brampton will continue to be an also-ran. This is a prediction based on history. Please don’t tell me if they actually drafted someone team-changingly amazing. My pride can’t take it.
  • Speaking of drafting, Calgary drafted Hayley Wickenheiser: Canadian legend, multi-gold-medal-winning Olympian, member of the Canadian Walk of Fame…37-year-old? This one’s a bit baffling. Who knows how it’ll go! As we’ve established, not me. (Brianne Jenner, however, is someone to watch on Calgary.)
  • The Stars are still the Stars. They’ll be in the final (probably).

OK that’s enough. For actual, substantive info, here are some links:

Have a good Wednesday. Stay safe out there.

† There will be previews of the NWHL, due to us having some new writers covering those teams. New blood! Less lazy blood! Somewhere a vampire is very excited.

One thought on “A Few Non-Predictions For The CWHL’s 2015-2016 Season”

  1. As far as projections go, I think most women’s hockey fans are hoping that the CWHL and NWHL become the equivalent of the National League and the American League of Major League Baseball. There is so much room to grow the game of women’s hockey, and that is an exciting prospect. I respect the CWHL for keeping its integrity of the game and maintaining the highest standards of competition. If Hilary Knight stays with the Blades I respect her decision to stay and play at such a high level. Tara Watchorn is a world class defenceman. And, there isn’t a better goaltender than Genevieve Lacasse when it comes to impacting the game, so don’t count the Blades out of contention just yet with Watchorn, Knight, and Lacasse setting the pace for the new players coming in. It’s undeniable that the level of competition in the CWHL is the best in the world, the Clarkson Cup Final last year proved that, and those players were essentially paying their own way to play. I wish the NWHL only success, but seriously, the salary incentive isn’t much more than, “better than nothing.” Growing the game has to mean making it accessible to a broader fan base. Breaking down the barriers of media coverage, and eliminating the old stereotypes about women’s sports being less exciting than mens is an important piece of the issue. There any coverage of the Blades winning the Clarkson Cup in The Boston Globe, or on tv media. Without fan support and media coverage, it won’t matter who is signed, or who is paid, the game will still be the best kept secret on ice.

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