A Brief New York Riveters Season Preview

Late September in New York… the mornings are cold, the coffee is full of pumpkin and HOCKEY IS BACK. Over the last few weeks, the New York Riveters have been gearing up for the season with their first practice, media day, equipment fitting, and a pre-season tilt against the FDNY team. I hope in my heart of hearts that they are all settling in well to the enormous Zoolander-esque 18-person Bushwick loft I’m imagining them sharing. It’s full of light and always has at least one bathtub full of hockey pads. (It’s definitely weird how bad I want all of the Riveters to be best friends.)

(Edit – apparently, according to this article, many of the Riveters are living in two big “athlete houses” outside of Brooklyn. All of my dreams are coming true. I’m an oracle.)


The Riveters have two preseason games—the first was on September 27th against the squad from the Fire Department of New York (I don’t know why they’re playing each other, but I love it) at their home rink, Aviator, out in Brooklyn. FDNY won 6-2 in regulation, with Riveters goals coming from Janine Weber and Brooke Ammerman, as well as a goal by Gabie Figueroa in a practice 4-on-4 and a practice shootout goal by Madison Packer. I wasn’t at the game myself, but saw commentary that even within the span of one game, the team was visibly coalescing and improving, which is to be expected given that their entire team isn’t even in the country yet (Luuudaaaa) and, y’know, it’s the pre-season.

The second pre-season game will be next Sunday, October 4th, at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan—I’m extremely excited to be attending, and will be reporting back with commentary and hot takes from the front. The Riveters are going up against the Minnesota Whitecaps of the Western Women’s Hockey League, a team whose roster includes players like the two-time U.S. Olympian Lamoureux twins (Two times each. Four medals. All of the math tutoring was worth it). It’s cool to see the NWHL working with and playing against a WWHL team—I’m hoping it’s a sign that some of the Highlander Syndrome that Kate so eloquently tackled previously will die down and that multiple leagues are closer to thriving in the women’s hockey world. I’ll be tweeting @annalisebissa and writing up my experience at the game for Watch This, so keep an eye out!


The regular season begins for the Riveters on October 11th—an away game against the Whale—and then returns to Brooklyn for the home opener on the 18th. The Riveters will play nine home games and nine away (three at each of their rivals’ rinks) over the course of the regular season (through February), and playoffs will take place during March (fingers crossed!). The team will also participate in an exhibition game against the Japanese national team in December and the NWHL All-Star game in Buffalo in late January.

I’ll be back soon with all of the Riveters news that’s fit to make #jokes about, including the death of the Rivs’ #KnightWatch dream, collecting cans out of the trash to pay for student season tickets (crosses fingers for student season ticket packages), tackling public transit out to Aviator and so much more!

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  1. Yay! I’m so glad the international players are getting housing help from the team. I’d be totally lost trying to find a place in Brooklyn, and I speak the language!

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