Mid-Week Roundup: Mainly NWHL news, NWHL pre-season games!

NWHL Pre-Season Games!

  • The Buffalo Beauts beat the Mercyhurst women’s team, 4-1. Check out the NWHL’s recap!
  • The East Coast Wizards U16 Boys beat the Boston Pride, 3-2
  • FDNY beat the New York Riveters, 6-2. The NWHL recapped this game.
  • The Conneticut Whale beat the CT Junior Rangers U18 Boys, 7-4.

Stuff to Read Elsewhere:

  • The NWHL announced their last signing, Meghan Duggan, bringing us to the full 72 player roster. Kate Cimini at Today’s Slap Shot wrote about it.
  • Matt Larkin of The Hockey Writers wrote about who the highest-paid players in the NWHL would be. He also had some details on player contracts:

    THN has also learned that players must notify their coaches and GM at least 30 days in advance if they know they will miss a game or practice, barring an emergency or medical problem. Missing games and practices will result in salary deductions.

    Larkin also confirmed that, although jerseys are currently the only player-branded merchandise, in the future, players will receive their 15% from all merchandise with their name or likeness.

  • The NWHL posted all official player salaries! Sadly, the league will apparently not be making more details of player contracts public, as had previously been hoped.
  • Tara Tomimoto, previously reported as signed with the Connecticut Whale, had visa issues and was released, but the NWHL doesn’t anticipate other players having visa issues.
  • Kate Cimini spoke to Kacey Bellamy about playing on the Boston Pride. One of the most interesting things to me was Bellamy’s comments about her Merrimack commitments, where she also coaches.

    “For me, right now, the priority is Merrimack, so any time I have a Merrimack and Pride conflict I go to the Merrimack (event),” said Bellamy. “I think I have to miss six Pride games, about four or five practices.”

    With each NWHL team playing only 18 games in the regular season, 9 home and 9 away, missing 6 games is a fairly substantial number. There are several other players in the NWHL with coaching commitments as well, including Meghan Duggan. It’ll be interesting to see how many games those players manage, and how this impacts teams with such short rosters.

  • Connor Jennings at Powerplay Insiders thinks Megan Bozek will be one of the NWHL’s top defenders.