Weekly News: Four Nations Cup kicks off, NWHL, CWHL

Four Nations Cup!

So, the Four Nations Cup starts today, with Canada facing down Finland at 10 AM EST, and then US facing host Sweden at 1:30 PM EST. I had a grand plan of previewing the teams and streaming, etc, but I’ve been super duper busy with my job (gotta love launch deadlines, right?) and as it turns out, Victory Press has done a really pretty damn through job of it already.

  • Angelica Rodriguez previewed Team Canada
  • Melissa Kania previewed Team Sweden, the host of the tournament
  • Nicole Haase previewed Team USA
  • There’s not a preview for Team Finland, the fourth team, up yet, sadly
  • STREAMING! The exciting thing is that all games are being streamed, not just Canada and the US. You’ll need to purchase a monthly pass (which is reoccurring, so cancel the reoccurring right away if you think you’ll forget) for ~10 USD/~12 CAD. Victory Press does have a streaming breakdown, for more details.


  • Greg Wyshynski interviewed Dani Rylan about her plans for the NWHL, which you can listen to on the November 1st episode of the Marek vs. Wyshnski podcast. If you want to jump straight to the interview, it starts around the 50 minute mark. There’s some interesting info, like the fact that Rylan intends to step down as the Riveters GM next year and retain the Commissioner’s hat. I also liked the hinting around TV deals, although PLEASE PLEASE KEEP US OUTSIDE THE LOCAL AREA IN MIND.
  • The NWHL is on break for the Four Nations Cup, and will resume play on November 15th.


  • The CWHL is also on break, and will resume play on November 14th.
  • This is technically CWHL and NWHL news, but Clare Austin at In Goal Magazine has started doing a goalie roundup for the two leagues. Check it out!
  • According to Habs Eyes on the Prize, the CWHL intends to pay players starting in the 2017-2018 season. While this is great news, it’s also a promise we’ve heard before. I’m hopeful, but not really holding my breath, especially as the league remains incorporated as a non-profit.

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