Weekly News: Outdoor Classic fallout, Laing injury, You Can Play games

Following up on the Outdoor Women’s Classic:

  • Jared Book of Habs Eyes on the Prize wrote about the players’ reactions to the Outdoor Classic, which was a nice article that really highlighted, however we as fans and media feel about the short falls of the Outdoor Classic, the players really had a blast.
  • The New York Times had some coverage of the Outdoor Classic, speaking of more mainstream coverage.
  • Kate Cimini of Today’s Slapshot wrote a bit of a post-mortem on the Outdoor Classic. I particularly liked Cimini’s point that the take away from this year’s Outdoor Classic might be that the NWHL and the CWHL learned a little more about what needs to happen to put on a big event like this. While the CWHL in particular has had big events in the past, like the All-Star Game, with sponsors and television and big venues, there’s still stuff for both leagues to learn about all the moving pieces.
  • Jashvina Shah of Victory Press had a more negative take on the outcome of the Outdoor Classic.
    Look, I think the last thing the women’s hockey blogging world needs is another hot take on the Women’s Classic right now from me, but my personal thought tends to fall in more with Cimini’s post– sometimes the gains come in places you, as a fan, can’t see right away. While I don’t think Shah is wrong in being disappointed with the lack of streaming and television (because goodness knows, I am too) or the lack of publicity for the event, I do think saying the Outdoor Classic failed is a bit of an overstatement.
  • There has been no official update on Denna Laing’s injury during the Outdoor Classic, either from the NWHL or her/her family. However, that said, a family friend of Laing’s has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help Laing and her family with medical and other expenses that may result from her injury. It’s important to note that, while insurance can cover a lot, it never covers everything, especially incidental costs of recovery.


  • Did you miss the first live televised CWHL game? The Toronto Furies played the Brampton Thunder in a match televised on Sportsnet in Canada. Hannah Bevis of Along the Boards wrote about this game.
  • The CWHL has long been partnered with You Can Play, the organization created to advocate for the removal of homophobia from sport. However, their recent games in support of You Can Play, including the one televised on Sportsnet, has been a new initiative from the league. Leann Ling of Along the Boards Charline Labonte’s thoughts on the new initiative as a You Can Play Ambassador.
  • Boston Blades GM, Krista Patronick, has an open letter to fans on the Blades’ website. Really, go check it out.
    I think Patronick has done a lot with a tough hand, and her willingness to be open about what’s going on and the challenges the Blades have and will face is really impressive to me. I’m really hoping that the Blades come back, and build stronger than ever.

Streaming Schedule:

Streamed online this weekend for the CWHL will be:

  • Saturday Jan. 9th Les Canadiennes @ Toronto Furies at 7:30pm ET
  • Sunday Jan. 10th Calgary Inferno @ Brampton Thunder at 1:30pm ET


Streaming Schedule:

  • Saturday Jan. 9th NY Riveters @ Connecticut Whale at 7:30 PM ET
  • Sunday Jan. 10th Buffalo Beauts @ Connecticut Whale at 6:00 PM ET
  • Sunday Jan. 10th NY Riveters @ Boston Pride at 3:00 PM ET will be on EPSN3