CWHL Weekend Preview: Calgary vs Toronto, and Brampton vs Montreal

CWHL Weekend Preview: Calgary vs Toronto, and Brampton vs Montreal

  • This weekend’s CWHL streaming game is the Calgary Inferno vs. the Toronto Furies, Saturday January 11th, at 6:30pm CST!
  • Brampton and Montreal play a set of back to back games, first on Saturday January 11th at 7:30pm CST, and second on Sunday January 12th, at 11:30 am CST.
  • Calgary plays Toronto again on Sunday, January 12, at 11:45 am CST.

Look for our game recaps on Monday!

Weekend Link Roundup:

  • The Montreal Gazette had an article about the Eastern Ladies Hockey League, a women’s hockey league that sprouted up first in Montreal and eventually expanded to as far as Pittsburgh and Boston during the first World War. It’s a really fascinating look at early women’s hockey, and I gotta tell you, I would love a novel about Albertine Lapensée, the 16-year old star forward of the league.
  • This was the Sunday Long Read on, but in case you didn’t already see it, the article about Hwangbo Young is really great. Young, a female hockey player who escaped North Korea to become a star player in South Korea, has become a huge ambassador and advocate for women’s hockey in South Korea. Prepare for some feelings.
  • On a lighter note, Second City Hockey has taken a break from their normal coverage of the Chicago Blackhawks to assemble a list of all the Team USA players on twitter. If you’re looking for some good follows, I’d recommend starting with Julie Chu (@juliechu13), who’s always quality, and Jessie Vetter (@vetter31), who likes to post a lot of vines of her teammates being goofs. 🙂
  • Not even Team Japan can escape the dreaded fake laces.
  • As you saw, Lindsay Fry was named to the US Olympic team last week. She’s the first Arizonan to play ice hockey for Team USA at the Olympics, male or female, and the Phoenix Coyotes interviewed her back in September about being on the national team and possibly going to the Olympics. It’s some cute. 🙂
  • As you might have heard, Tessa Bonhomme was cut from the Canadian Olympic roster, much to fairly widespread shock and surprise. James McClure over at Rink Rover has an article about just why that’s such a snub.

CWHL Weekend Recap: Brampton, Toronto cross-town rivalry heating up, Montreal takes the Blades

Of the two CWHL games on Saturday, the Montreal Stars beat the Boston Blades 5-2, while the Toronto Furies beat the Brampton Thunder 1-0.

Montreal *massively* out-shot Boston, 51 to 26 at the end of the game, including a second period where Boston had 5 shots on goal, despite a power play opportunity. We have a full recap of the Stars v Blades game here, as it was the streaming game of the week. The three stars of the game were Mariève Provost and Casandra Dupuis for Montreal, with the third star going to Jillian Dempsey of Boston.

The game between the two Toronto-area rivals however, was tight, with Katie Wilson of the Furies scoring the only goal of the game within the first two minutes of the first period. Toronto had some good shooting chances, however, out-shooting Brampton 31-16, with 22 of those coming in the second period.  The game was a rough one, with 32 PIM between the teams. Most of the penalties were for roughing or holding, with a couple body checking or hooking calls for spice. The three stars of the game were Carolyne Prevost of the Furies, Sonja van der Bliek, the rookie goalie for Brampton, and Katie Wilson, the goal scorer for Toronto.

Things didn’t get a lot better for Brampton when they met Toronto again on Sunday, as Toronto beat Brampton 9-1.

Shots were 39-25 in favor of Toronto. Brampton’s Tara French opened the scoring with an unassisted goal early in the first period, but then the Furies picked up three , with two coming in the last two minutes of the period. The Furies clearly carried the momentum into the second period as well, because they picked up four in that period. Three were scored on the power play. In the third period,  the Furies picked up their final two goals, including a short-handed goal by Carolyne Prevost. Two of the Furies had three-point nights, with Carolyne Prevost getting a goal and two assists, and Britni Smith getting three assists. Alyssa Baldin had a four point night, with two goals and two assists. Penalties were much lower, with only 16 PIM between the teams. Carolyne Prevost once again had the first star of the game, with Alyssa Baldin and Christina Kessler taking the second and third stars.

Friday Round Up

Upcoming CWHL Games: 

  • Montreal Stars v Boston Blades, Saturday January 4th, 4:30pm CST (Game will be streamed online!)
  • Toronto Furies v Brampton Thunder, Saturday January 4th, 6:30pm CST
  • Brampton Thunder v Toronto Furies,  Sunday January 5th, 11:40am CST

In case you didn’t know, the CWHL streams (for free!) one game a week on their website! This is a great chance to get to watch some women’s hockey fairly easily. To watch, go to this page and look for the “Live” tab in the video player.

This week’s game is the Montreal Stars versus the Boston Blades, who played against each other last season for the Clarkson Cup. The two teams are currently battling for the top of the league, with Montreal in first with 13 points in 8 games, and Boston in second with 12 points in 8 games. This is despite Boston having lost 8 of their players to US and Canadian Olympic teams, while Montreal lost 5 of their players. It should be an exciting game. 🙂 Look for a recap of this weekend’s games on Monday.

Other Thing of Note: 

  • If you’re in or around Boston, the Boston Blades will be hosting an event where you can meet Meghan Duggan, currently the captain of the US Women’s Olympic Hockey team, and member of the Boston Blades. The event will be January 16th, and you can find more details here.
  • The Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota have released a documentary about the amount and type of media coverage given to women’s sports. Although fascinating in its own right, the documentary also includes extensive interviews with female athletes such as Noora Räty, two-time Olympic goaltender for Finland and two-time National Champion with the Golden Gophers,  and Digit Murphy, head coach of the Boston Blades who coached them to the Clarkson Cup last season. Watch it here.
  • The CWHL did a feature on Sonja van der Bliek, the rookie goaltender playing for the Brampton Thunder, who had to take up the reins after both of Brampton’s previous goaltenders left for other leagues.
  • Some interesting articles on Team USA– first, one from ESPN, and another from Rachel Blount of the Minneapolis Star Tribune on the distinctly Minnesotan flavor of the team.

Weekly News for Dec. 31, 2013

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