CWHL Weekend Preview: Race for Playoffs heating up! Boston vs Montreal, Brampton v Toronto

CWHL Weekend Preview: Race for Playoffs heating up! Boston vs Montreal, Brampton v Toronto

With only two weekends of games left before the end of the regular season, and a close race for playoff spots, this weekend is SURE to be exciting!

This weekend, the defending Clarkson Cup champions in Boston take on three-time champions, the Montreal Stars, twice. Very excitingly, at least some of the Olympians these teams lost appear to be planning to be back for this weekend! According to Julie Chu’s twitter, both she and Hilary Knight will be back for Saturday’s game at 4:30 PM CST, which is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research. Chu, a member of the Montreal Stars, brings a veteran, two-way presence– she’s played both forward and defense for Montreal, although her points production has fallen off in recent years with the Stars. Knight was Boston’s leading scorer by a wide margin last season, and isn’t afraid to use her size on the ice either. Boston fans can hope that Gigi Marvin, who historically quarterbacked their defense, also returns soon– that team has been hurting for that kind of veteran presence on their defensive end. Saturday’s game is also this week’s CWHL Streaming Game, so make sure to watch it! The Blades and the Stars face off again on Sunday at 12:30 PM CST.

The other series this weekend is Brampton vs Toronto, kicking off on Saturday at 6:30 PM CST. Brampton, with only 10 points to Toronto’s 20, is currently not in the playoff bracket and would take quite a flukey set of circumstances to make it in, but could very much impact the tight race for seeding in the top four teams. Boston and Toronto are tied for second with 20 points, and Calgary trails closely at 19 points. Special teams could make quite an impact in this game, too, as Toronto has the second highest power play, while Brampton has the worst penalty kill. They’ll meet again on Sunday at 2:30 PM CST.

Enjoy the hockey this weekend, and keep an eye out for those returning Olympians– going to be real interesting to see how they get fitted back into CWHL lineups, and see how it impacts playoff hopes.

CWHL Weekend Update: No Games This Weekend!

CWHL Weekend Update: No Games This Weekend!

Just a heads up, in case you don’t check the schedule until the last-minute, there are no CWHL games this weekend! Annnnd I haven’t got much for info related to the CWHL; everyone’s been focused on the Olympics and the Continuing State of Women’s Hockey.

Speaking of the Olympics, expect a break down of the medal games in the next couple days; we’re working on it, but we’re also working through some epic feelings hangovers. Enjoy the rest of the Olympics, the CWHL will return February 28th.

CWHL Weekend Preview: Montreal goes to Toronto, twice!

CWHL Weekend Preview: Montreal goes to Toronto, twice!

So this weekend, the Montreal Stars are going on the road to visit the Toronto Furies! They’re playing back to back, Saturday and Sunday, at Toronto’s home arena, Mastercard Center. Because of this, there’s no streaming game this weekend. 🙁 Very sad, but with the women’s Olympic quarterfinals on Saturday, we’re pretty sure you’ll find some hockey to watch anyway.

Montreal and Toronto are currently first and second in the league, and first and second in both the power play and the penalty kill. It should be interesting to see if Montreal stays on top, or if Toronto can start to pull ahead.

Most of this week’s links are Olympic-related as well, sorry guys.

Whoooft. Hopefully, we can be done with the “controversy” over the gap in women’s hockey, at least for a while now.


CWHL Weekend Preview: No Olympic break here! Toronto v. Boston (x2), and Brampton v. Montreal (x2)!


This weekend, if you’re looking for less insanely early game to watch live, the CWHL’s Streaming Game this weekend is on Saturday, February 8th, at 6:30 PM CST, Brampton playing Montreal. Much better than getting up at 2 AM to watch the US play Finland, right? Montreal and Brampton are currently only separated by one point in the league table, but Montreal has the best power play in the league right now at a 22.8% success rate. With Brampton taking some of the most penalties in the league, their penalty kill, currently one of the worst in the league, is going to have to step up big time. The other game on Saturday is Toronto v Boston, at 11:40 AM CST.

On Sunday, February 9th, Toronto and Boston match up again, playing at 11:05 AM CST. Brampton will also be playing Montreal again, at 11:30 AM CST.

We did a bigger link post on Wednesday, so you can check that out for some more Olympic-themed weekend reading, but here are some others:

CWHL Weekend Preview: Lots of games! Montreal vs. Calgary (x3!), Boston vs. Toronto (x2)

CWHL Weekend Preview:

This weekend starts off with a bang, with the Montreal Stars playing the Calgary Inferno on Friday, January 31st at 7:00pm CST. Remember, Calgary has an audio stream of all their home games, including all of their games this weekend! You can check that out here.

On Saturday, February 1st, Montreal visits Calgary again, this time at 12:45pm CST. Saturday’s streaming game is the 6:30pm CST match-up between the Boston Blades and the Toronto Furies.

On Sunday, February 2nd, Montreal plays Calgary for the final time this weekend, this time at 11:00am CST. Boston again meets Toronto at 11:45am CST.

So, remember: All the Calgary games this weekend are home games, and thus they all have audio streaming! Tune in to listen to some radio, or pull up Saturday’s Boston/Toronto game to watch some. 🙂 And if you miss any, look for our game recaps on Monday.

Weekend Link Round Up:

  • Gophers Sports Update, a University of Minnesota radio show focusing on (obviously) Gophers sports, did an interview with Team USA defenseman Lee Stecklein about her time so far on the Gophers and her hopes for Sochi. Her section starts in Part Two. definitely worth a listen; her section is pretty short, about seven minutes long.
  • On the topic of Gopher Olympians, Big Ten Network did a brief article on Amanda Kessel that includes some quotes from her head coach from the Gophers, Brad Frost, on her style of play and character.
  • The National Journal did an article about Caitlin Cahow, former US Olympian and former captain of the Boston Blades, and how she made the somewhat unexpected transition to concussion awareness and gay rights advocate. It’s pretty interesting, go and take a look!

Sorry, links are kind of light this week. If you saw something worth reading that we missed, please drop us a comment here, or on twitter @WatchThisHockey!

CWHL Weekend Preview and Link Round Up!

CWHL Weekend Preview:

There are only two games to look forward to this weekend, a back to back between the Boston Blades and the Brampton Thunder. Brampton is currently leading the league in penalty minutes, with 232 over 15 games, while Boston has the least, with 92 over 11 games. I’m looking forward to watching this game, as I have a vague feeling it might be a bit rough. Should be fun to watch. 🙂

Brampton hosts the Blades for the Saturday streaming game, starting at 5:45 pm CST. Brampton hosts them again on Sunday, playing at 1:00 pm CST.

Weekend Link Round Up:

CWHL Weekend Preview: Calgary v Brampton, Montreal v Boston

CWHL Weekend Preview:

This weekend’s CWHL streaming game is Calgary vs Brampton, at 5:45 pm CST, on Saturday January 18th! It’s their second meeting of the season, with their last game, early in November, ending 3-2 for Brampton in a shoot out. Imp will have a write-up of that on Monday. (Check out her post on Where to Watch Women’s Hockey if you need help figuring out how to stream the game, or at-reply us on twitter @watchthishockey) 

The other Saturday game is the Montreal Stars vs the Boston Blades, 6:35 pm CST. Montreal won their last meeting, 5-2, but Boston won their only other game against Montreal yet this season, 2-1. With both teams working hard to fill the gaps left by their players lost to Olympic rosters, and a rivalry built on multiple Clarkson Cup finals appearances, it should be an interesting game.

On Sunday, January 18th,  we have the Montreal Stars taking on the Boston Blades again in a back-to-back game, at 12:15 pm CST. Then it’s Calgary vs Brampton again, at 1:00 pm CST. Remember, Calgary streams an audio feed of all their home games, so check that out to listen to their games.

Link Round-up:

  • The US Olympic team has been scrimmaging with several New England high school boy’s teams, in order to get some more practice in before the Olympics. They’ve won two of the three games. Take a look at this article to find out some more, and make sure to check out the video of interviews with both some of the women and some of the boys that they’ve been playing.

  • The US Olympic team also got a chance to practice at Fenway Park, which was flooded and frozen for the Frozen Fenway events, including several outdoor college hockey games. See a nice round-up of the women’s practice, including a round-up of pics, here.

  • Several more women’s national teams announced their Olympic rosters this week, including Germany and Sweden.

  • It’s a little hard to track down, complicated by the fact that we’re both only really fluent in English, but we’re pretty sure the only nation who hasn’t officially announced their women’s roster for Sochi yet is Russia. Once all the women’s rosters have been announced, we’ll be doing an overview of the non-US or Canadian players, so look forward to that! (If only I had known in high school, I would have applied myself to my German better; alas, my second best language after English is Latin, and that’s not really applicable to much of anything.)

  • Tessa Bonhomme went on Calgary’s Breakfast Television to talk about how to support the Canadian Women’s team, and about how important it is for the players to get support of their country. It’s specifically to support an event the Canadian team did in partnership with Proctor & Gamble, but I had A Strong Feeling listening to her talk about her experience of getting the gold medal in Vancouver, even as a dirty American.

CWHL Weekend Preview: Calgary vs Toronto, and Brampton vs Montreal

CWHL Weekend Preview: Calgary vs Toronto, and Brampton vs Montreal

  • This weekend’s CWHL streaming game is the Calgary Inferno vs. the Toronto Furies, Saturday January 11th, at 6:30pm CST!
  • Brampton and Montreal play a set of back to back games, first on Saturday January 11th at 7:30pm CST, and second on Sunday January 12th, at 11:30 am CST.
  • Calgary plays Toronto again on Sunday, January 12, at 11:45 am CST.

Look for our game recaps on Monday!

Weekend Link Roundup:

  • The Montreal Gazette had an article about the Eastern Ladies Hockey League, a women’s hockey league that sprouted up first in Montreal and eventually expanded to as far as Pittsburgh and Boston during the first World War. It’s a really fascinating look at early women’s hockey, and I gotta tell you, I would love a novel about Albertine LapensĂ©e, the 16-year old star forward of the league.
  • This was the Sunday Long Read on, but in case you didn’t already see it, the article about Hwangbo Young is really great. Young, a female hockey player who escaped North Korea to become a star player in South Korea, has become a huge ambassador and advocate for women’s hockey in South Korea. Prepare for some feelings.
  • On a lighter note, Second City Hockey has taken a break from their normal coverage of the Chicago Blackhawks to assemble a list of all the Team USA players on twitter. If you’re looking for some good follows, I’d recommend starting with Julie Chu (@juliechu13), who’s always quality, and Jessie Vetter (@vetter31), who likes to post a lot of vines of her teammates being goofs. 🙂
  • Not even Team Japan can escape the dreaded fake laces.
  • As you saw, Lindsay Fry was named to the US Olympic team last week. She’s the first Arizonan to play ice hockey for Team USA at the Olympics, male or female, and the Phoenix Coyotes interviewed her back in September about being on the national team and possibly going to the Olympics. It’s some cute. 🙂
  • As you might have heard, Tessa Bonhomme was cut from the Canadian Olympic roster, much to fairly widespread shock and surprise. James McClure over at Rink Rover has an article about just why that’s such a snub.

Friday Round Up

Upcoming CWHL Games: 

  • Montreal Stars v Boston Blades, Saturday January 4th, 4:30pm CST (Game will be streamed online!)
  • Toronto Furies v Brampton Thunder, Saturday January 4th, 6:30pm CST
  • Brampton Thunder v Toronto Furies,  Sunday January 5th, 11:40am CST

In case you didn’t know, the CWHL streams (for free!) one game a week on their website! This is a great chance to get to watch some women’s hockey fairly easily. To watch, go to this page and look for the “Live” tab in the video player.

This week’s game is the Montreal Stars versus the Boston Blades, who played against each other last season for the Clarkson Cup. The two teams are currently battling for the top of the league, with Montreal in first with 13 points in 8 games, and Boston in second with 12 points in 8 games. This is despite Boston having lost 8 of their players to US and Canadian Olympic teams, while Montreal lost 5 of their players. It should be an exciting game. 🙂 Look for a recap of this weekend’s games on Monday.

Other Thing of Note: 

  • If you’re in or around Boston, the Boston Blades will be hosting an event where you can meet Meghan Duggan, currently the captain of the US Women’s Olympic Hockey team, and member of the Boston Blades. The event will be January 16th, and you can find more details here.
  • The Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport at the University of Minnesota have released a documentary about the amount and type of media coverage given to women’s sports. Although fascinating in its own right, the documentary also includes extensive interviews with female athletes such as Noora RĂ€ty, two-time Olympic goaltender for Finland and two-time National Champion with the Golden Gophers,  and Digit Murphy, head coach of the Boston Blades who coached them to the Clarkson Cup last season. Watch it here.
  • The CWHL did a feature on Sonja van der Bliek, the rookie goaltender playing for the Brampton Thunder, who had to take up the reins after both of Brampton’s previous goaltenders left for other leagues.
  • Some interesting articles on Team USA– first, one from ESPN, and another from Rachel Blount of the Minneapolis Star Tribune on the distinctly Minnesotan flavor of the team.