Roster Named For Hockey Canada’s Women’s Strength And Conditioning Camp

Hello, people. Kate and I are not dead, just resting for the NHL playoffs, so that we can fill your lives with women’s hockey when you’re no longer rooting for the Blackhawks to repeat. Which of course you are. Who else would you be rooting for, the Wild? We’ve got plenty of interesting analysis in the pipeline, though. We even EMAILED people for it!

In one of the few recent tidbits of women’s hockey news, Team Canada named 104 women to their strength & training camp this year, as per their press release here. Forwards Cayley Mercer and Shannon MacAulay, from NCAA Championship winning Clarkson, were invited for the National Women’s Development Team; Mercer had 22 points with Clarkson and MacAulay had 24 points. Other notable selections (from teams we care about) are Erin Ambrose (a top-10 finalist for the Patty Kaz), Sarah Lefort (ditto), and Emerance Maschmeyer (also a finalist, damn it Canada).

One of the reasons Team Canada is so formidable is that they have a much more regular pattern of training. The US does intensive training the year of/before the Olympics, and has consistent youth programs, competitions, etc., but Team Canada has a wider pool of participants to draw from and tends to hold more camps with more people– which further widens their development pool. Of course, both USA Hockey and Hockey Canada invest more in training women’s teams than other countries, which tends to be why they’re so much more dominant. Ah, a day when Team Finland holds massive, 100+-person camps for their women’s players.