Weekly News: Outdoor Classic fallout, Laing injury, You Can Play games

Following up on the Outdoor Women’s Classic:

  • Jared Book of Habs Eyes on the Prize wrote about the players’ reactions to the Outdoor Classic, which was a nice article that really highlighted, however we as fans and media feel about the short falls of the Outdoor Classic, the players really had a blast.
  • The New York Times had some coverage of the Outdoor Classic, speaking of more mainstream coverage.
  • Kate Cimini of Today’s Slapshot wrote a bit of a post-mortem on the Outdoor Classic. I particularly liked Cimini’s point that the take away from this year’s Outdoor Classic might be that the NWHL and the CWHL learned a little more about what needs to happen to put on a big event like this. While the CWHL in particular has had big events in the past, like the All-Star Game, with sponsors and television and big venues, there’s still stuff for both leagues to learn about all the moving pieces.
  • Jashvina Shah of Victory Press had a more negative take on the outcome of the Outdoor Classic.
    Look, I think the last thing the women’s hockey blogging world needs is another hot take on the Women’s Classic right now from me, but my personal thought tends to fall in more with Cimini’s post– sometimes the gains come in places you, as a fan, can’t see right away. While I don’t think Shah is wrong in being disappointed with the lack of streaming and television (because goodness knows, I am too) or the lack of publicity for the event, I do think saying the Outdoor Classic failed is a bit of an overstatement.
  • There has been no official update on Denna Laing’s injury during the Outdoor Classic, either from the NWHL or her/her family. However, that said, a family friend of Laing’s has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help Laing and her family with medical and other expenses that may result from her injury. It’s important to note that, while insurance can cover a lot, it never covers everything, especially incidental costs of recovery.


  • Did you miss the first live televised CWHL game? The Toronto Furies played the Brampton Thunder in a match televised on Sportsnet in Canada. Hannah Bevis of Along the Boards wrote about this game.
  • The CWHL has long been partnered with You Can Play, the organization created to advocate for the removal of homophobia from sport. However, their recent games in support of You Can Play, including the one televised on Sportsnet, has been a new initiative from the league. Leann Ling of Along the Boards Charline Labonte’s thoughts on the new initiative as a You Can Play Ambassador.
  • Boston Blades GM, Krista Patronick, has an open letter to fans on the Blades’ website. Really, go check it out.
    I think Patronick has done a lot with a tough hand, and her willingness to be open about what’s going on and the challenges the Blades have and will face is really impressive to me. I’m really hoping that the Blades come back, and build stronger than ever.

Streaming Schedule:

Streamed online this weekend for the CWHL will be:

  • Saturday Jan. 9th Les Canadiennes @ Toronto Furies at 7:30pm ET
  • Sunday Jan. 10th Calgary Inferno @ Brampton Thunder at 1:30pm ET


Streaming Schedule:

  • Saturday Jan. 9th NY Riveters @ Connecticut Whale at 7:30 PM ET
  • Sunday Jan. 10th Buffalo Beauts @ Connecticut Whale at 6:00 PM ET
  • Sunday Jan. 10th NY Riveters @ Boston Pride at 3:00 PM ET will be on EPSN3

Weekly News: Outdoor Women’s Classic, CWHL resumes play

Outdoor Women’s Classic

  • As you’ve probably seen, the NHL announced that they would be hosting an Outdoor Women’s Classic, where the CWHL’s Les Canadiennes will play most of the NWHL’s Boston Pride, their roster supplemented with other NWHL players to take the place of players with national team commitments.
  • If you’re going, please note that the women’s classic is not a separately ticketed event– you have to have a ticket to the NHL Alumni game to get in.
  • If you were hoping to watch the Outdoor Women’s Classic from your own home, you’re probably going to be out of luck. According to Jen Neale of Puck Daddy, this event is not planned to be streamed or televised. There have been a couple reasons proffered– visuals, like Neale cites, too short a time-line to get rights issues/other complicating factors sorted out, and, what looks like it could be a continuing issue, the need to possibly cancel the Women’s Classic to preserve ice conditions for the NHL Winter Classic itself.
  • Jen Neale talked further about the NHL’s involvement with women’s hockey with Susan Cohig. Cohig talked pretty extensively about how the NHL hopes to grow women’s hockey at a grassroots level, and focuses on getting girls into hockey. This is a great thing, but it’s also something that I find incomplete. Girls won’t stay in hockey if there isn’t a place to play after college, and focusing on getting girls into hockey without also focusing on the need for a paid league to work in as an adult is short-sighted. However, that’s an article for another day. 🙂
  • Elliotte Friedman prefaced his 30 Thoughts piece on the NHL with a bit about the Outdoor Women’s Classic, and I thought it was worth reading.

Come Thursday, we’ll all enjoy the spectacle, appreciate that it happened, and move on. But, what everyone involved needs to do is start next year’s process right away. The outdoor game will kick off the NHL’s 100th anniversary season. … The [CWHL and NWHL] have to be a part of that, as it’s going to be a huge event.
Make sure your best players can be there.


The NWHL is playing this weekend!


  • The Buffalo Beauts @ the Boston Pride on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 at 3:00 PM ET in the Harvard Bright-Landry Center
  • The Connecticut Whale @ the NY Riveters on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 at 7:00 PM ET in the Aviator Sports Center

Other NWHL News:

  • In case you haven’t been following it, Sean Tierney has been making some cool visualizations out of the NWHL advanced stats that Carolyn Wilke has been pulling togeather. Check out his latest!
  • As you probably saw, the Connecticut Whale GM, Harry Rosenholtz, resigned right before Christmas. Kate Cimini talked a bit about what’s going on there now, and how this loss has impacted the Whale, who lost their first game this past weekend.


The CWHL resumes play this weekend, after breaking for the holidays!


  • Brampton Thunder @ Toronto Furies on Saturday, January 2nd, at 2:00 PM ET in the Mastercard Center
  • Toronto Furies @ Brampton Thunder on Sunday, January 3rd, at 1:30 PM ET in the Memorial Arena This Game Will Be Streamed
  • Boston Blades @ Les Canadiennes on Saturday, January 2nd, at 5:30 PM ET in the Bell Sports Complex This Game Will Be Streamed
  • Boston Blades @ Les Canadiennes on Sunday, January 3rd, at 1:30 PM ET in the Bell Sports Complex

Other CWHL News:

Weekly News: Women’s Hockey, Christmas Edition

First, schedules are a little different this weekend, so make sure to double check before you plan your palatial women’s hockey parties. I’ve got a great buffalo cheese dip if you need a recipe!


  • The New York Riveters will be playing the Buffalo Beauts on December 27th, 2015 at 3:30 PM ET at HarborCenter.
  • The Boston Pride will be playing the Connecticut Whale on December 27th, 2015 at 4:30 PM ET at Chelsea Piers.

Due to the USA Hockey Winter Camp starting on December 27th, several players will be missing from the games this weekend.

No games this week! Look for the CWHL to return the week of January 2nd.

Weekly News: CWHL & NWHL All-Star Game updates, and more!

If you’re pining for the CWHL All-Star Game, check out highlight’s from last year’s, including the ceremonial face off between Charline Labonté, captain of the Red Team, and Jessica Campbell, captain of the White Team.

Weekly News: CWHL All-Star Game, NWHL’s Dunkin’ Donuts Sponsorship

Weekly News: NWHL captains, Four Nations outcome, Desjardins comeback

  • The NWHL has announced all their captains for the year!
    • For the Boston Pride, Hilary Knight and Brianna Decker as co-captains
    • For the Buffalo Beauts, Emily Pfazler will be the captain, while Meghan Duggan and Shelby Bram will serve as assistant captains.
    • For the Connecticut Whale, Jessica Koizumi has the C, and Kaleigh Fratkin the A.
    • The New York Riveters have Ashley Johnston, Madison Packer, and Morgan Fritz-Ward, but it’s not entirely clear yet how the captain/assistant captain assignments will work out.
  • The US won the Four Nations Cup, beating Canada in a tight 3-2 win. Check out the tournament results and what they might mean going forward over at Victory Press, and check out Along the Board’s careful looks at who were the best CWHL and NWHL players at the Four Nations tournament.
  • Kathy Desjardins, last seen in net for Team Alberta in the 2013/2014 season, is back for the Calgary Inferno! She took some time off to recover from some injuries, including a concussion and a broken collarbone, but is ready to take the ice again alongside the Inferno’s new acquisitions like Hayley Wickenheiser.
  • Rachel Koteen of 540 Films is trying to kickstart a documentry about the NWHL. As someone who remembers the documentary that Jessica Desjardins did about the CWHL’s Montreal Stars fondly, and as someone who loves insight into the little things that make a league or a team tick, I’m very excited about this! While the NWHL is not sponsoring the documentary, Koteen will be working with the league and the teams to get that kind of inside access to players and teams. $11 will get you a digital copy of the documentary when it comes out, and like all Kickstarter projects, if they don’t fund their goal, you don’t lose your money. So go check it out!
  • The Calgary Inferno will be playing Team Japan today November 11th, at 4:45 PM EST. Sadly, there will be no streams of any sort for this. 🙁
  • The regular season for both the NWHL and CWHL resume this weekend!

Weekly News: Four Nations Cup kicks off, NWHL, CWHL

Four Nations Cup!

So, the Four Nations Cup starts today, with Canada facing down Finland at 10 AM EST, and then US facing host Sweden at 1:30 PM EST. I had a grand plan of previewing the teams and streaming, etc, but I’ve been super duper busy with my job (gotta love launch deadlines, right?) and as it turns out, Victory Press has done a really pretty damn through job of it already.

  • Angelica Rodriguez previewed Team Canada
  • Melissa Kania previewed Team Sweden, the host of the tournament
  • Nicole Haase previewed Team USA
  • There’s not a preview for Team Finland, the fourth team, up yet, sadly
  • STREAMING! The exciting thing is that all games are being streamed, not just Canada and the US. You’ll need to purchase a monthly pass (which is reoccurring, so cancel the reoccurring right away if you think you’ll forget) for ~10 USD/~12 CAD. Victory Press does have a streaming breakdown, for more details.


  • Greg Wyshynski interviewed Dani Rylan about her plans for the NWHL, which you can listen to on the November 1st episode of the Marek vs. Wyshnski podcast. If you want to jump straight to the interview, it starts around the 50 minute mark. There’s some interesting info, like the fact that Rylan intends to step down as the Riveters GM next year and retain the Commissioner’s hat. I also liked the hinting around TV deals, although PLEASE PLEASE KEEP US OUTSIDE THE LOCAL AREA IN MIND.
  • The NWHL is on break for the Four Nations Cup, and will resume play on November 15th.


  • The CWHL is also on break, and will resume play on November 14th.
  • This is technically CWHL and NWHL news, but Clare Austin at In Goal Magazine has started doing a goalie roundup for the two leagues. Check it out!
  • According to Habs Eyes on the Prize, the CWHL intends to pay players starting in the 2017-2018 season. While this is great news, it’s also a promise we’ve heard before. I’m hopeful, but not really holding my breath, especially as the league remains incorporated as a non-profit.

Weekly News: NWHL on NHL Network, NWHL Fighting Code

Weekly News: CWHL to kick off season, Hilary Knight in documentary

  • The CWHL kicks off their season this weekend with two bouts on Saturday, October 17th. We’ll have a preview closer to, but look forward to Brampton facing the new Les Canadiennes, and the Boston Blades at the Toronto Furies.
  • New season, newly re-launched streaming! This year the CWHL will be streaming 32 of their regular season games, all in HD! The regular season pass costs $19.95 CAD. Check out the shiny new streaming page at cwhllive.com, where you can order a pass for this season, or watch previous season’s archived games.
  • The CWHL also has partnered with CWHLDaily on Tumblr to make them the official CWHL tumblr. Give that a follow if you’re on Tumblr.
  • Robyn Flynn of Habs Eye on the Prize has been busy at work writing up profiles of Les Habs players– check out her profile on Katia Clement-Heydra, their second-round draft pick. And then go check out all of her profiles. 🙂
  • Hilary Knight will be the feature of an upcoming espnW film, Knighter, which will debut on Thursday October 15th on espnW.com. The film is the fifth and final part of the What Makes Us series of documentary shorts, directed by the Mundo Sisters. Previous films in the series focused on Sydney Lerous, Megan Rapinoe, Veronica Boquete, and Carissa Moore.
  • In case you missed it, Dani Rylan, commissioner of the NWHL and GM of the Riveters, was featured in a Players Tribune article called So We Started A Hockey League. The article is, of course, about how she ended up starting the NWHL. It’s a really interesting look into how the sausage gets made, so to speak, although it unfortunately doesn’t get into Rylan’s history with the CWHL. (While that’s not really the topic of the article, it is a story I’m burning to hear.)
  • Greg Wyshnski of Puck Daddy, who recently committed to having regular NWHL coverage, wrote about the new league. It’s a bit of a 101 type article, as might be expected as it was written for the mainly men’s hockey content Puck Daddy, but it has some interesting tidbits.

Mid-Week Roundup: CWHL Rosters, Manon Rheaume, & more

Still waiting on Brampton Thunder, and Les Canadiennes, but it’s nice to see some of the player churn on paper! Boston obviously has the most roster change, but Toronto and Calgary have both picked up and lost some interesting pieces.

  • Want to add the NWHL and CWHL games to your Google calendar or put it on your wall? Ash and Masha have assembled calendar feeds for each team in the NWHL and the CWHL, and made calendar pages in PDF format with all games.
  • In the NWHL, the Buffalo Beauts/Boston Pride opener just got an added dose of star power! Manon Rhéaume, two-time Olympic gold medalist goaltender with Team Canada, and the first (and so far only) woman to play in an exhibition game for the NHL, will be dropping the puck at the game. First 500 to the game get Manon Rheaume trading cards!
  • Located in Buffalo, and got some pipes? The Beauts are looking for an anthem singer.