Weekend Preview: Montreal Stars @ Brampton Thunder, Calgary Inferno @ Toronto Furies

There are only four weekends left to play in the regular season for the CWHL! Only 17 games total! It feels so strange to think that this season is winding down, and we’re starting to look forward to the Clarkson Cup, speculating on what teams will get in.

Speaking of the Clarkson Cup, tickets are on sale, and going fast! There are single game and packages available at the CWHL website but be aware! Apparently the single tickets for the March 4th morning game are already sold out.

Also coming up in March is the CWHL Awards Gala, when awards like the Angela James Bowl (which goes to the top scorer in the league) are handed out. If you’re going to be in the Markham area for the Clarkson Cup, maybe check that out too. 🙂 We’re planning to have a preview post up for the awards soon, so keep an eye out for that.

In other news, it looks like the reason Hilary Knight missed last weekend’s games was not illness, as she recently posted a photo of herself in a walking boot to Instagram. Boston doesn’t play again until next weekend, so let’s hope it’s something that heals up quick. Boston’s not going to drop out of Clarkson Cup contention without Knight (knocks on wood) but I’ll be VERY sad if Knight’s not able to play in the Clarkson Cup due to injury.

Montreal Stars @ Brampton Thunder

  • Saturday, February 7th, 5:50 PM CDT Streamed!
  • Sunday, February 8th, 1:05 PM CDT

Brampton’s not that far behind Toronto in the standings, and if they want to pull themselves back into Clarkson Cup contention, they need every point they can get. Montreal and Brampton have played four times so far this season, and Brampton has won once, but we’ll see. Remember, Brampton has a different head coach now, and in the exceedingly limited sample size with Kristi Alcorn at the wheel, they’ve been a much more controlled and puck possession dominant team.

Calgary Inferno @ Toronto Furies

  • Saturday, February 7th, 6:30PM CDT
  • Sunday, February 8th, 12:05 PM CDT Streamed!

Calgary’s top of the standings, and Toronto is a far fourth– if the Furies don’t want Brampton to leapfrog them, they also need to pick up some points. Toronto is currently also looking to snap a six game losing streak.

Speaking of Toronto, check out Kelly Terry in IBC’s new winter tires commercial!