Friday Roundup: Clarkson Cup, Frozen Four, and weekend reading

Friday Roundup: Clarkson Cup, Frozen Four, and weekend reading

Concept art for the 2014 Clarkson Cup Championship rings tweeted out by Caroline Ouellette.
Concept art for the 2014 Clarkson Cup Championship rings tweeted out by Caroline Ouellette.

IT’S FRIDAY, EVERY ONE! This has been a long and trying week for me, so I’m glad to see the tail end of it. However, the ongoing Clarkson Cup games have been a bright spot, so let’s recap:

  • Wednesday: Toronto beat Calgary, 3-2, and Boston beat Montreal a very tightly contested 1-0
  • Thursday: Boston beat the Furies, 2-1, and Montreal beat Calgary 5-4.

As of the time of this post being written, Calgary is out of Finals contention, but have one last game this morning against an unbeaten and Finals-bound Boston. Montreal and Toronto will play for that second Finals slot versus Boston this evening. Finals will be played on Saturday, at 2pm EDT. However, they will not be streamed live. They will be shown on TSN midnight Saturday and Monday at 7:30 pm, EDT. No word yet on what those of us south of the border or otherwise out of TSN coverage will be able to do.

The commentary on these streaming games has been done by Nicco Cardarelli, whose voice may be familiar to you from regular-season CWHL streaming games, and Asher Roth, who you may remember from last year’s Clarkson Cup commentary. They’ve been pretty charming in their enthusiasm for the CWHL and women’s hockey in general, and have been great about interacting with questions or comments tweeted at them during the games. A little startled by how much interest the Clarkson Cup has been getting outside of Canada, however. 🙂 Aly Munro has been doing some great interviews rink-side, and commentary as well.

NCAA Frozen Four!

Minnesota is set to take on Wisconsin today at 5 PM EDT today! For an excellent preview of the game, check out Nicole Haase’s over at Bucky’s 5th Quarter.

Mercyhurst takes on Clarkson at 8 PM EDT today as well! This is Clarkson’s first trip to the Frozen Four. Remember, all of these games will be streamed on

The winners of these games will meet in the National Championship game on Sunday, at 3 PM EDT. The Patty Kazmaier will be awarded on Saturday, as part of the NCAA Championship weekend.

Weekend Reading:

I know, I missed the normal link round-up for this week, but here’s some stuff to read while you’re waiting to find a copy of the Clarkson Cup final to watch:

Mid-Week Link Round Up: Räty, and the Kaz, and Sportsnet, oh my!

Jamie Lee Rattray
Jamie Lee Rattray, Junior at Clarkson
Hannah Brandt
Hannah Brandt, Sophomore at University of Minnesota
Jillian Saulnier
Jillian Saulnier, Junior at Cornell
  •  The three Patty Kazmaier finalists have been named! You can see the announcement over at USA Hockey. You can check out their stats, along with the other top ten finalists, over at Women’s Hockey Stats. Stats are, as always, not the only thing that goes into the Kazmaier award, but they’re pretty important.
  • In case you haven’t heard this, Noora Räty has entered an agreement for next season with Kiekko-Vantaa, a team in the second-tier Finnish men’s league Mestis. We don’t have a ton of info about this, and what we have has been pieced together with Google Translate, but here’s a very short article about it from the official Mestis site (in Finnish), and a slightly longer article from Yle, a Finnish new site (also in Finnish). We are now hastily trying to find good apps/websites to follow the Mestis league, and I’m cursing the day I took German instead of Finnish. I’m really hoping she gets some playing time. 🙂 Mestis is also the league where Hayley Wickenheiser played briefly.
  • With Sportsnet unveiling their “new” line-up of top talent for Hockey Night in Canada, there’s been some scuffles on Twitter and elsewhere about the diversity in their selection (or rather, lack there of). One of the best and most balanced articles we’ve seen on this is over at SBNation’s Silver Seven Sens. It hits on the big issue that what women there are in the analyst pipeline (and they are few) are poorly used, and often only trotted out for “the pretty” value, or when a regular cancels. In our view, it’s a lot of the classic issues of getting women into male-dominated fields, with the extra cheery on top of “but you didn’t play the game“, with the game always meaning, of course, NHL hockey. We’d love to see more recognition of this, and, as always, more women in our hockey coverage.
  • In other NCAA news, on Sunday the eight teams who will play for the NCAA Women’s Hockey Championship were announced! You can check out that announcement over at the NCAA website. Keep an eye out for more on this! The quarterfinals will be kicking off on March 15th, and the semifinals and championship games will be streamed live on the NCAA website.
  • The Minnesota Gophers visited the White House as part of an event recognizing 19 different collegiate champion teams. You can read more about it over at the Star Tribune and MN Daily, but one of the things I’ve seen mentioned in multiple places was how much emphasis Obama put on the importance of women’s sports, and the growth of women’s athletics. Nice to hear. You can also check out the Storified tweets from various Gopher twitter accounts, collected by the official Gopher’s Women’s Hockey twitter, over here.