CWHL Weekend Update: No Games This Weekend!

CWHL Weekend Update: No Games This Weekend!

Just a heads up, in case you don’t check the schedule until the last-minute, there are no CWHL games this weekend! Annnnd I haven’t got much for info related to the CWHL; everyone’s been focused on the Olympics and the Continuing State of Women’s Hockey.

Speaking of the Olympics, expect a break down of the medal games in the next couple days; we’re working on it, but we’re also working through some epic feelings hangovers. Enjoy the rest of the Olympics, the CWHL will return February 28th.

CWHL Weekend Preview: Montreal goes to Toronto, twice!

CWHL Weekend Preview: Montreal goes to Toronto, twice!

So this weekend, the Montreal Stars are going on the road to visit the Toronto Furies! They’re playing back to back, Saturday and Sunday, at Toronto’s home arena, Mastercard Center. Because of this, there’s no streaming game this weekend. 🙁 Very sad, but with the women’s Olympic quarterfinals on Saturday, we’re pretty sure you’ll find some hockey to watch anyway.

Montreal and Toronto are currently first and second in the league, and first and second in both the power play and the penalty kill. It should be interesting to see if Montreal stays on top, or if Toronto can start to pull ahead.

Most of this week’s links are Olympic-related as well, sorry guys.

Whoooft. Hopefully, we can be done with the “controversy” over the gap in women’s hockey, at least for a while now.


CWHL Weekend Preview: No Olympic break here! Toronto v. Boston (x2), and Brampton v. Montreal (x2)!


This weekend, if you’re looking for less insanely early game to watch live, the CWHL’s Streaming Game this weekend is on Saturday, February 8th, at 6:30 PM CST, Brampton playing Montreal. Much better than getting up at 2 AM to watch the US play Finland, right? Montreal and Brampton are currently only separated by one point in the league table, but Montreal has the best power play in the league right now at a 22.8% success rate. With Brampton taking some of the most penalties in the league, their penalty kill, currently one of the worst in the league, is going to have to step up big time. The other game on Saturday is Toronto v Boston, at 11:40 AM CST.

On Sunday, February 9th, Toronto and Boston match up again, playing at 11:05 AM CST. Brampton will also be playing Montreal again, at 11:30 AM CST.

We did a bigger link post on Wednesday, so you can check that out for some more Olympic-themed weekend reading, but here are some others:

Mid-Week Link Roundup: All Sochi, all the time.

Most of this week’s links are focused on Sochi, with the Games starting in just days now.

  • First Line Hockey has a great article about some of the more overlooked players on some of the Olympics teams. Loved seeing former Gopher Mira Jalusuo on that list. First Line Hockey is, in general, a quality read, and a good twitter follow, too. Find them on Twitter @FirstLineHockey.

  • CBC’s Olympics-focused website has an article on Kevin Dineen’s adaptation to coaching the Canadian women. He’s quoted as saying the women on the team ask a lot more about the whys of his decisions than the men he’s coached in the AHL and NHL, which I found interesting.

  • Joy Johnson, one of the UK’s top refs, is going to Sochi, and has been blogging about her Sochi experience! It’s a really interesting look behind the curtain of reffing women’s hockey, especially at such a high level.

  • The Washington Times had an article about the changes made to the women’s Olympic hockey tournament in order to encourage less US and Canadian dominance at the games. I know I’ve fielded some questions already on why the women’s tournament is so different from the men’s this year, so if you’re curious, take a look at this article.

  • ESPN-W has a profile piece on Amanda Kessel and her preparation for her first Olympics.  (Yes, I know, we’re a bit all Amanda Kessel all the time lately, but what can I say? She’s been electrifying to watch on the Gophers, and I’ve been following her with a great deal of interest.)
  • The New York Times, as part of their Olympic coverage, has a really interesting article about the Russian Women’s Championship, the Russian women’s pro league.

Canadian Women’s Olympic Team: A Roster Run-Down (Sort Of)

I don’t know much about Team Canada, because I’m a filthy American with no respect for Canada’s long and storied history of hockey. Title IX, son! But there are some things I do  know, and I am here to impart my glorious wisdom unto you. (Onto you? That sounds dirty.)

So, in the same format as the USA roster run-down, here’s an extremely shallow analysis of the Canadian Women’s Olympic team.

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USA Women’s Olympic Team: A Roster Run-Down

It’s the New Year and both Team USA and Team Canada rosters have been announced. Since this is a blog of filthy Americans, we’ll be doing Team USA in depth now and Team Canada’s outstanding players/notes later – largely because, well, why talk about Canada when you could talk about America? Haha just kidding. (Not kidding.)

So, America. The US team has a wide variety of players, from veterans to young hotshots – and hotheads. How many people who don’t generally follow women’s hockey caught the many US/Canada brawls during the 7 exhibition games played for the Road to Sochi series? But while the fighting is fun, and this blogger lives in hope of seeing Kacey Bellamy break her stick in half and shank a Canadian, there’s a lot more to Team USA than fists o’ fury.

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