NWHL Season Tickets Go On Sale

The NWHL released their initial season ticket package offerings on Saturday, after much buzz and anticipation. While we’ve heard the single game ticket prices would be $20, we hadn’t previously seen much officially on what the season ticket packages would be.

a tweet describing possible season ticket packages: $250 VIP Season Tickets, $150 General Admission, $75 Student, $50 for a three game pass.
A screencap of the Riveter’s initial tweet about season tickets

There had been a (quickly deleted) tweet from the New York Riveters account that detailed several season ticket packages– a $250 VIP package with reserved, on the glass seating, a $150 general admission package, and a $75 student ticket package, as well as a three game package for $50.

A little over a week later, we have the official announcement, and it looks similar, but not quite the same.

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For most teams, what’s currently on offer is a general admission season ticket package, priced at $150 for 9 home games. This is a savings of $30 over the previously announced single game ticket price of $20. The exception is the Buffalo Beauts, whose GA package is $125. I followed up with the league, and this isn’t a typo– the Beauts package just costs less, for the same amount of games. I wasn’t able to get a comment on why this is so. Additionally, the Riveters have the $150 GA package, but also a $250 VIP package with the aforementioned reserved on the glass seating. According to the league representative I talked to, there will be more pricing options coming for all teams this week, so expect to see VIP packages for everyone else and possibly those student ticket packages coming soon?

Aside from game tickets, whatever the package, season ticket holders also recieve the following perks:

  • 10% off all NWHL merchandise (I haven’t been able to confirm if this is a one time coupon or for the season)
  • 10% off the NWHL Live: Cross Ice Pass, the NWHL’s forthcoming streaming service for their games
  • Priority tickets for the playoffs and the all-star game
  • “Exclusive Season Ticket Holder Events”, no idea what those will be like yet
  • a team photo Autographed by the Entire Team

That’s a pretty decent set of perks. It’s comparable to, in my experience, what an NHL season ticket holder would expect. It’s also in some ways a lot more than the CWHL season ticket holders get. CWHL season ticket packages are also $150 (CAD) for the season currently (goes up to $180 soon), but for 12 games, and the all-star game. While the CWHL package doesn’t include any other perks, like a discount on merchandise or streaming, it does cover more games.

Overall, I like the NWHL season ticket packages. I think they’re at a good price point, and they provide enough incentive to buy over single game tickets that it’s a good value. I like that the NWHL is reserving on the glass tickets for a VIP package– but I’m not thrilled with the way the league has gone about rolling out the ticket info. I’m not sure if it was because the league was working out the kinks with their ticketing system, ThunderTix, or if there was some other hold up, but this does appear to be the same pricing/packages that was originally tweeted out– why was there a delay in getting that info out, even if the packages weren’t on sale yet? Why is there this delay in getting complete package info out? Why are some teams packages priced differently?

Also, why hasn’t there been an official announcement about single game tickets? The $20 price was told to media members at the Boston Pride’s first practice/media day. While it did come from a league representative, the price hasn’t been released anywhere on the NWHL’s website. With the different in Beauts’ season ticket prices, it’s caused me to wonder if the single game ticket prices will be different as well. While I’ve reached out to the league on this point, I haven’t gotten any comment from them yet. Aside from pricing, there also hasn’t been any notice on when single game tickets will go on sale. With several people who I know already planning road trips from the midwest and buying plane tickets to go see home openers in October, this is concerning to me.

So, to wrap things up– NWHL season tickets are on sale! Yay! There may be more packages coming out this week, so possibly wait if you’re a student or want VIP seating. We don’t know what’s up with single game tickets, aside from possibly their price. Streaming will be happening, but we don’t have details yet.