This Week in Women’s Hockey: The Insurance Bureau of Canada wants YOU to bench your phone

  • IBC, the newest sponsor of the CWHL, is understandably, as an insurance company, concerned with texting and driving– and made a quick video spot featuring Christina Kessler of the Toronto Furies to illustrate what a bad idea it is. Check it out:
  • Karyn Bye Dietz was inducted to the US Hockey Hall of Fame recently– she led the 1998 US Olympic Women’s hockey team in goals at the Nagano Olympics where the US won gold (five goals, six game), and was the alternate captain of the team. She’s the third woman to be inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame.

Check out Bye Dietz’ acceptance speech– she mentions the fact that in 9th grade, her dad counseled her against continuing to play hockey because he didn’t think there was a career in it. Thankfully she did, but it’s a reminder of the fact that girls playing hockey often don’t have an assumed hope of career success. As someone who grew up knowing women played hockey at the Olympics because of women like her, that’s kind of chilling.

Also check out the really nice retrospective on her career that the US Hall of Fame put together–

That’s about it! It’s been a slow week for us, between the upcoming All-Star Game, moving our servers, and my own health issues. Take care and don’t get phished, kids.