This Week in Women’s Hockey: The Insurance Bureau of Canada wants YOU to bench your phone

  • IBC, the newest sponsor of the CWHL, is understandably, as an insurance company, concerned with texting and driving– and made a quick video spot featuring Christina Kessler of the Toronto Furies to illustrate what a bad idea it is. Check it out:
  • Karyn Bye Dietz was inducted to the US Hockey Hall of Fame recently– she led the 1998 US Olympic Women’s hockey team in goals at the Nagano Olympics where the US won gold (five goals, six game), and was the alternate captain of the team. She’s the third woman to be inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame.

Check out Bye Dietz’ acceptance speech– she mentions the fact that in 9th grade, her dad counseled her against continuing to play hockey because he didn’t think there was a career in it. Thankfully she did, but it’s a reminder of the fact that girls playing hockey often don’t have an assumed hope of career success. As someone who grew up knowing women played hockey at the Olympics because of women like her, that’s kind of chilling.

Also check out the really nice retrospective on her career that the US Hall of Fame put together–

That’s about it! It’s been a slow week for us, between the upcoming All-Star Game, moving our servers, and my own health issues. Take care and don’t get phished, kids.

Mid-Week Link Round Up: All-Star roster, Räty interview, and early hockey specialization.

Mid-Week Link Round Up: All-Star roster, Räty interview, and early hockey specialization.

  • Remember, the players for the CWHL All-Star Game will be announced tomorrow, at 9 AM EST! Keep an eye out for that. 🙂
  • Noora Räty, former Finnish Olympic goaltender who made waves by retiring from the national team for financial reasons, was interviewed about her season so far with Kiekko-Vantaa, a men’s pro team in Finland’s Mestis league. She has some interesting comments on adapting to the men’s game, and on the process of how she got invited to try out with Kiekko-Vantaa.

No Weekend Review Today!

Just a quick heads up, there won’t be a weekend review today– there wasn’t a lot that happened this weekend! Expect a game recap tomorrow of the first Four Nations Cup game, US vs Finland!

The US and Finland face off at 4:00 PM EDT– follow along with a live-stream and other updates on Hockey Canada’s website.

Canada and Sweden will face off at 10:00 PM EDT– this game will not be streamed, but will be on TSN. Follow along on Hockey Canada’s website here.

Weekend Preview: Four Nations Cup!

Weekend Preview: Oct. 31st, 2014

As you might have noticed if you’ve checked your calendar lately, there are no CWHL games this weekend. This is not a mistake! The Four Nations cup is coming up, and players have already left their teams for national camps.

So, we thought we’d do a quick and dirty primer on the Four Nations Cup Tournament, instead of previewing the CWHL games.

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Mid-Week Link Round-Up: Reflections on the Olympics, looking forward to more women’s hockey!

  • Nicole Haase, of the SB Nation blog Bucky’s 5th Quarter, covering the Wisconsin Badgers in all their forms, wrote an interesting profile piece on Ilana Friedman, a goalie on the UW-Madison women’s hockey team. Friedman has been getting a lot of attention for being an out female athlete, but the more interesting thing I found in Haase’s article was Friedman’s perspective on her role as an agent of change, not only as an out player, but as a Badger and a woman playing college hockey. Also her attitude towards fan engagement with women’s college hockey, even as someone playing at a school with some of the top regular attendance numbers, was a nice bit of perspective for me, someone who is used to the level of engagement Minnesota brings to their Gophers.
  • Another piece on Team Japan, in the wake of the Olympics. Some stuff I hadn’t seen before about their assistant coach, Carla McLeod, and her work with the team. I’m not sure if McLeod is officially part of Hockey Canada and USA Hockey’s outreach work to the non-North American teams to help improve their training, but she may be a demonstration of how a national team can really use those resources to work on closing the gap in women’s hockey.
  • I’ve been seeing some interesting reports about how much the Olympic hockey was streamed this year. The New York Times has an article about the NBC streaming numbers, and the Globe and Mail has an article that touches on the record-setting numbers that the CBC was seeing for streaming hockey as well. This is really heartening to me to see. I’m really hoping that the adoption of the streaming medium can increase interest in more regular season women’s hockey, especially with the CWHL and some colleges already streaming coverage of some of their games.
  • Slllllightly off topic, but March 1st is USA Hockey’s “Try Hockey for Free” day. Part of USA Hockey’s efforts to grow the sport, kids can try hockey for free at a variety of locations– you can find more info here.
  • Many adult leagues ALSO have similar efforts– for example, the AHA, a Minnesota adult rec league local to me, has a try hockey day specifically aimed at women on March 1st. If you’re an adult in the US and at all interested in trying out hockey, I’d encourage you to do some Googling and see if your local league has anything similar.

We are only now having the heart to go read a lot of the gold medal game related articles, but we swear, we’re working on our retro of the Olympics. Our coverage of the CWHL streaming game on Sunday may be a bit spotty; one of us is traveling again on Sunday, and the other is working, but we’ll see what we can do.

USA Women’s Olympic Team: A Roster Run-Down

It’s the New Year and both Team USA and Team Canada rosters have been announced. Since this is a blog of filthy Americans, we’ll be doing Team USA in depth now and Team Canada’s outstanding players/notes later – largely because, well, why talk about Canada when you could talk about America? Haha just kidding. (Not kidding.)

So, America. The US team has a wide variety of players, from veterans to young hotshots – and hotheads. How many people who don’t generally follow women’s hockey caught the many US/Canada brawls during the 7 exhibition games played for the Road to Sochi series? But while the fighting is fun, and this blogger lives in hope of seeing Kacey Bellamy break her stick in half and shank a Canadian, there’s a lot more to Team USA than fists o’ fury.

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