WATCH THIS HOCKEY WANTS YOU (to write for us and stuff)

We’re looking for more writers! We particularly want writers to cover the new NWHL teams, but we’re always open to more writers to cover the CWHL teams or international play. We’re looking for both reoccurring types of posts (such regular updates on teams and how they’re doing, etc.) and also one-off types of posts. (In-depth special on a particular player or upcoming tournament? Analysis of the Beaut’s systems? Funny jokes about current women’s hockey events?) If you think you’d like to write some stuff and you like us, send us an email!

We’d also love to get more photos of games! If you’re planning on going regularly to CWHL or NWHL games, and you’ve got a decent camera and a yen to work on your action shots, please drop us a line!

Unfortunately, this is a hobby website. We don’t have any forms of revenue, which means we can’t offer any kind of payment.